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The one-stop application to create a bootable USB drive

Pete Batard |
updated on July 26, 2023
1.4mb | gnu


Perfect for creating bootable USB drives from ISO files
Completely free to use


Sometimes takes a lot of time
Price: $
Rufus is the premier application to create bootable USB drives using any ISO file you want. The sole purpose of Rufus is to create USB drives that you can use for Windows Installation or any other software installation that requires to be conducted through an ISO installation.

ISO files are usually utilized to either create backup drives or for providing software that a distributor is distributing. Rufus can help in creating bootable drives that can emulate the physical drives that were used before in the form of CDs or DVDs.

The competitive edge that Rufus has over any of the competitors is its incredibly compact package, which comes at just over 1MB, and its fast speed when it comes to creating a bootable USB drive from an ISO file.

As you know, CD and DVD drives are becoming more and more obsolete by the day. You need at least one bootable USB drive in case of an emergency. The emergency could be your operating system crashing because of some bug or virus.

For those purposes, Rufus gives you the best and quickest solution to install any OS on your computer. It comes as a tiny package in the form of an .exe file that runs without you having to install it first. Using Rufus is an absolute peach of a job. It's just that easy. To create a bootable USB drive, here are the simple steps you need to follow:
  1. Plug-in the USB drive
  2. Download and open Rufus
  3. Select the drive, or let Rufus automatically choose it for you
  4. Select the ISO file that you want to emulate
  5. Press on Start and wait a while
  6. Done

The feature list of Rufus is as follows:
  • Creating bootable USB drives from ISO files
  • Flashing a BIOS or any other firmware from DOS
  • Use any ISO file to emulate a disk drive

All in all, Rufus may be small in size, but it does everything it is supposed to do perfectly. Easy to use, lightweight, and incredibly helpful, Rufus does its job efficiently.
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